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Residents in Barcelona have been alerted to remain vigilant after two women and a man believed to be thieves pretended to be doctors doing regular home check-ins.

The trio attempted to rob a home, however, the resident suspected they were not real doctors and did not let them enter the property.

He called the police but the suspects fled before officers showed up.

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The police later issued an alert via their twitter page. They wrote: “New Case of False Doctors Scam. Attempt a pineda de mar. Two men in white coats wanted to break into a lady’s flat to test coronavirus .

When they were warned that they would inform the police, they left without entering. Inform the elderly of these tips.”

Any patient secluding themselves at home during the worldwide flare-up of coronavirus have been informed that they would get a warning from their PCPs before any visit.

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In Spain, the death toll from the coronavirus has nearly doubled to 84 as of March 12. Reports state that the situation is most serious in the region of Madrid. Nearly half of the fatalities, as well as infections, have been in the area.

The numbers are also increasing in the Basque Country in the north and the northeastern region of Catalonia, where Barcelona is located.