Good morning Mr President,

Trust you are all doing very well.

Over the past two weeks, I have been requesting the Government to publish the Vaccine Plan without joy.

Mr President, this is a worrying sign.

It is worrying because citizens who qualify to have the vaccine may be selected against. It is also worrying because it deprives interested parties (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, public health and policy experts, journalists and Civil Society Organisations) the opportunity to make inputs, ask vital questions, and institute monitoring and evaluation systems to guide the process if they wish to do so.

For example, I was shocked to the marrow when I read Ghanaians with “underlying health conditions and the aged” will not be vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV2.

Mr President, are they not within the domain of prioritised people in the United States of America?

Why must mother Ghana deprive people with underlying medical conditions and the aged protection if there are no contraindications (i.e. medical reasons not to give the vaccine)?

Respectfully, have we not heard time and again from you and other government officials that comorbidities contribute to COVID-induced deaths?

More questions than answers.

I have respect for the knowledge of Dr Doodoo who is said to have made this shocking statement.

I hope he has been misrepresented.

I hope this is not Government policy.

Already too many mistakes have been made in the collective fight against COVID-19.

Ghana, let us avoid any further errors in the fight against Covid-19.

Mr President, these are the reasons we need to have the Vaccine Plan published in the interest of transparency and equity as we prepare to vaccinate Ghanaians against COVID-19.

Thank you.

Dr Edward Kofi Omane Boamah

Medical Doctor & Health Policy Planning and Financing Analyst

February 7, 2021