Confusion has gripped the Trinity Mortuary in Ashaiman following the alleged mysterious disappearance of a corpse.

The family of the deceased had deposited the body at the mortuary, making all necessary arrangements for its preservation and eventual retrieval for the funeral rites.

However, when a delegation from the family visited the mortuary to collect the body as planned, they were met with shock and dismay as the corpse could not be located.

Despite repeated inquiries and demands for answers, the family said the mortuary staff failed to provide any satisfactory explanation or assistance.

The family expressed frustration over the lack of cooperation from the mortuary staff, as they expressed their urgent need to retrieve the body for ongoing burial rites.

A delegation of the family who identified himself as Pastor Ebenezer Nartey said all required documentation and financial obligations had been fulfilled, leaving them bewildered by the disappearance of the corpse.

Amidst the confusion and anguish, the family urged the mortuary management to speed up efforts to locate the missing body and provide them with the closure and peace they desperately seek during this difficult time.