The Committee by analysing the evidence available will determine the causal factors, draw conclusions relevant to the causal factors and make safety recommendations.

The Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) has set up a committee to probe a fishing vessel accident between the sea waters of Elmina and Takoradi.

Ghana Maritime Authority announced this in a statement but no timelines were given.

The Menghxin 11 vessel sunk on Friday afternoon with all the crew on board but fortunately some were able to swim to a nearby vessel, with the name Menghxin 6.

The crew was hauling a net that had so much fish in it. The crew, it is reported had some difficulty pulling the net full of fish to the vessel.

Around that same time, it was raining heavily couple with thunderstorms.

The vessel, according to the survivors, could not sustain the balance on one side and sunk with all the crew on board.

The statement also said as part of efforts to preserve lives, vessel operators are being engaged and encouraged to abide by the rules of their trade.

Meanwhile, the body of a Chinese, who was part of some 10 persons who went missing after the incident has been retrieved and has been identified as that of the captain of the vessel.

14 others have been found so far while 10 including three Chinese nationals and an observer from the Fisheries Commission are still missing.