File photo: Armed robber

A Chinese has reportedly been shot dead by some suspected armed robbers at Mafia-Proso enclave.

The deceased, believed to be a miner, was driving his Toyota car with registration number GN 459-15 when two armed men stopped him in the middle of the road.

The Chinese is alleged to have taken a sick leave from work and was heading to the Proso Government Hospital with three other colleagues when he was gunned down.

Surprisingly, without any confrontation, the unidentified men targeted only the Chinese and started offloading their bullets, through the windscreen, in his direction.

The three colleagues, as at the time the murder was discovered, were no where to be found, intensifying suspicion it was a planned attempt.

The Chinese miner, after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds in his face and chest, was pronounced dead at the Proso Hospital.

The suspects are on the run while the body has been sent to the Hospital’s morgue.