Adjetey Annang
Adjetey Annang

Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Annang, has shared some cute photos in which he is spotted with his five-year-old son to warm the hearts of fans on social media.

Pusher, as he is popularly known and wife Elorm Anang, have been married for 12 years with the former revealing recently that it took them seven years to have their son.

The couple said they wanted to have kids a year after their union which was in 2008, but that was not to be as several attempts to achieve that marriage goal proved futile.


The couple are, however now blessed with a five-year-old old son who looks like his dad.

Pusher has posted a photo of himself and the boy with the caption: “Bonding, engage, listen earn their trust. u will be amazed at what u learn & hear wishing us all a fruitful week!” as he tagged his wife.

Watch the photo below: