Celestine Donkor

Gospel musician, Celestine Donkor has shared what she says is a horrifying dream about the end time and second coming of Jesus Christ.

The singer said she saw people wailing and others being consumed by a ‘volcanic storm’.

“I saw the end time in my dream today. I just can’t keep it to myself. Something is coming guys” she wrote in a post on Instagram.

In the dream, Celestine Donkor said she was part of some school children in a bus and they had to run for their lives.

“We had to climb up to somewhere like a mountain, but the fire was still coming. Everyone was wailing and crying. It was scary. I realised there was nothing else we can do because the fire was coming. I was just shouting give your life to Christ. There is no hiding place just give your life to Christ. We cannot escape” she narrated.

The gospel musician is convinced her “scary dream” is a sign that, the end time is near.

Celestine Donkor charged Ghanaians to shun evil and dedicate their lives to God.

Watch video of her narration below: