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Bukom Banku fights his son on the street [Video]


Popular Ghanaian boxer and comedian Bukom Banku is well-known in Ghana for both bad and good reasons.

He famously joked in one of his funny interviews that as a father and a boxer, he would never allow his son to become a boxer like him since “every boxer is a mentally damaged person.”

After saying these some years ago, it appears that the Africa Mayweather has changed his mind and has turned back on his words as he fights his son in a new video.

A video of Bukom Banku and his son, whose identity is unknown, has gone viral on the internet.

Bukom can be seen in the video fighting with his son as though they were in a ring.

The footage was taken in front of a pharmacy in Bukom, the boxer’s present residence.

As the struggle progressed, a large number of people who were unable to contain their gaze emerged from their various homes to witness the bizarre scenario perpetrated on the street by Bukom and his kid.

Watch video of the fight below:


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