Owners of broken down vehicles will now pay for the cost of towing themselves after the service has been provided.

That’s the latest government decision after it scrapped the controversial mandatory towing levy.

Government has thus directed the towing companies to register with the Transport Ministry so they can begin work.

Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo announced the latest decision a while ago at a meeting with towing companies.

Fees per year for both commercial and non-commercial vehicles, depending on tonnage, ranged from GHS20 to GHS200.

Under that contract, the RSML would have been entitled to 85% of all levies collected.

But as Joy News’ Joseph Opoku Gakpo reports, the levy will indeed not see the light of day.

The companies are however pushing back, insisting that what government is proposing has not worked in the past.


  1. Dear Messrs Law Makers:
    This Towing Matter should not be a big problem. At least some of you who have owned cars in Europe know how this towing cars work. This is very simple.
    (1) The Insurance Companies who register vehicles must make it COMPULSORY for any vehicle being registered add this amount (of the tow) to that cars’ Insurance Policy! This is Compulsory when making Insurance for a car!!
    (2) So whenever a vehicle spoil on the road, that vehicle owner JUST TELEPHONE THE INSURANCE COMPANY WHICH COMES WITH THE TOWING CAR TO TOW THAT SPOILT VEHICLE AWAY to any mechanic that the owner desire.
    This is what happening here in Europe. So if in a year your vehicle does not have any fault, your insurance company rather gains. Thats why you make insurance for your vehicle.

  2. This is all wrong way of doing business. Towing break-down vehicles should be the service provided by Auto Insurance companies. The Insurance companies then could add towing service cost to their customers.

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