Mustapha Ussif

The Sports Minister, Mustapha Ussif, has outlined a comprehensive maintenance strategy for the newly constructed Borteyman Sports Complex after the 2023 African Games.

Concerns have been raised about the maintenance of the Borteyman Sports Complex, a key venue for the continental event and the University of Ghana Stadium after the event.

They cited how similar facilities have been left to rot after serving their purpose.

But addressing these concerns at a press conference on Monday, March 4 in Accra, Minister Ussif unveiled plans to put the facility into good use.

“To guarantee the enduring upkeep and utility of the Borteyman facilities for the Ghanaian populace, we intend to transform it into a University of Sports for Development post the African Games,” he announced.

Additionally, recreational amenities will be integrated into the venue to entice visitors from across the globe. Minister Ussif elaborated on the expansion plans, stating, “We will enhance the infrastructure by introducing hostel facilities, football pitches, a cafeteria, and a medical centre at the site.

“These enhancements aim to allure both local and international sports federations to utilize Ghana as a training base for various competitions, solidifying our nation’s position as a sports hub in the West African sub-region” he stated.

The 2023 African Games commenced on Sunday, March 3rd, with the highly anticipated opening ceremony scheduled for Friday, March 8th.

The 13th African Games will feature eight disciplines serving as qualifiers for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

These include Athletics, Swimming, Badminton, Triathlon, Tennis, and Table Tennis. Additionally, demonstration games such as pickleball, speedball and e-sports will be showcased during the event.