NPP members in Suhum fight at funeral

New Patriotic Party (NPP) Women’s Organiser in the Suhum constituency, Hannah Asantewaa, has denied accosting and slapping one of the followers of the presidential staffer, popularly known as ‘Big Deal’ at a funeral.

Her comment comes after she was accused of causing confusion and slapping ‘Big Deal’ at one of the NPP communicator’s father’s funeral over the weekend.

The incident resulted in gory scenes, leaving two persons; Bernard Amoani and Alexander Odei injured.

According to Isaac Opare, one of the NPP communicators whose father’s funeral the confusion happened, Protozoa had attended the funeral but left before the bloody scuffle ensued.

Mr Opare explained that the Member of Parliament (MP) came along with his driver and aides as well as the Women’s Organiser and Constituency Secretary.

Mr Opare said: “My brothers, grassroots serial callers are many in the region, Yahuza, Amoani Fitter, Big Deal, and co. There were lots of programmes so my brothers were acting as ushers. So when the MP arrived, they received him as they did with all other dignitaries.

“After he took his seat, a number of colleague callers decided to go and formally greet the MP but his aide, who happens to be his brother (called Mantey) said the MP doesn’t recognise us so he won’t allow us to approach him. This was me and another colleague called Big Deal, leading the entourage,” he said.


After the blockage, he added: “My brothers said they will rather take their leave since they had been refused to greet the MP. So it was when one took the microphone to announce their exit that the Women’s Organiser, accosted and slapped him, saying he was talking nonsense.”

But reacting to the allegations, the 55-year-old Women’s Organiser said on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Tuesday that she has no strength to attack Big Deal.

“I am 55 years old and have no strength. I never slapped Big Deal as it has been alleged. I didn’t even push him. He rather pushed me and slapped me and my eyes are even swollen. He did that because he said I snatched the microphone from him,” she said.

She continued that: “When he pushed me and I fell, my boys came to rescue me and that was how the melee started.”

According to her, Big Deal used to work and supported her during campaigns and therefore wondered why he slapped her because they have no issues.

“Big Deal is one person who knows my every movement. He even comes to my house and I feed him all the time and so why would he even slap me when I took the mic from him at the funeral grounds? He lied to the public that I slapped him. It’s never true,” she exclaimed.

But Big Deal on the same show insisted that Madam Asantewaa, after taking the microphone from him, pushed and slapped him.

“The Women’s Organiser was the first who pushed me and slapped me and later his men came slapping me like four times. It was so severe that I was taken to the hospital. Mrs Asantewaa is a woman I admire and help. I work for her and so why would she do that to me?”