BIMA Ghana, the leading provider of mobile delivered insurance and telemedicine services in Ghana, announced today that a GH¢500,000.00 reserve was made available for the 45,000 customers of its B-Health Gold policy underwritten by Allianz Life Ghana.

The reserve will support customers to buy preventive items such as face masks and sanitisers to help stop the spread of Covid-19. BIMA’s Doctor service will also be available free of charge to all customers who are not yet subscribed to B-Health until the 30th June by dialing a free USSD code (*789*96#).

Damien Gueroult, Country Manager for BIMA Ghana, announced: “As Ghanaians are going through tough times during this pandemic, we felt we had to do our part to ensure our customers have the means of protecting themselves with the appropriate preventive tools.

“With this monetary support which in normal times can only be paid with prescribed medicine or referred to a laboratory, customers are able to buy a good reusable mask and a bottle of sanitizer.

“Beyond the financial support, it’s important for us that customers receive advice from a qualified medical practitioner,” added Dr Sunu, Chief Medical Officer of BIMA Ghana.

“Face masks and sanitisers are one part of the solution, but people must continue to also practice the full series of preventive measures such as social distancing and hand-washing which together can reduce the risk of infection.

“Upon calling our service line 0277 000 545, all our customers are briefed by our nurses on these preventive measures before receiving the cash support. This initiative follows the extension of our service to 24/7 and shows how customer service is at the core of our mission.”


BIMA also made its Teledoctor service available for free till end of June to customers dialling the shortcode *789*96# if not already subscribed to the B-Health policy.

Telemedicine provides easy access to qualified doctors over the phone without having to visit a clinic or a hospital.

BIMA Doctor can play a big role in relieving some of the pressure on the health system in Ghana by allowing people to receive quality medical advice from their home. Ghanaians can dial *789*96# to enjoy free BIMA Doctor access till end June. 

About BIMA:

BIMA uses mobile technology to deliver affordable insurance and telemedicine services to underserved consumers in emerging markets and families who cannot access these vital products through traditional channels.

BIMA Ghana launched its operations in 2010 with the mobile operator Tigo (now AirtelTigo). Through this partnership, BIMA provides over 2.2 million Ghanaians with insurance. 

Since 2014, BIMA also launched its own-branded insurance products, among which the BIMA B-Life and B-Health policies underwritten by Allianz Life Ghana. B-Health offers a one-stop health solution, where customers can call qualified doctors 24/7 for teleconsultations, opt for health coaching programs, receive e-prescriptions via SMS and enjoy discounts when referred to BIMA’s partnered network of laboratories and hospitals.

Customers will also receive cash support if they need to stay in hospital. The B-Life policy provides financial relief of up to GH¢4,000.00 against funeral expenses and up to GH¢ 15,000 against the loss of income due to permanent disabilities. Customers are also eligible for an annual no claims bonus.