Some officers at the Ghana Immigration Service, who have been deployed to the country’s borders, have raised some concerns about the service.

The officers say they are unhappy about the way authorities are treating them as far as allowances due them are concerned.

Speaking exclusively on Beyi W’ano segment on Adom 106.3 FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem, Monda, an officer, who spoke on anonymity, said last year June they were deployed to all the borders for national assignment amid the border closure in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The officer said the agreement from the service before their assignment was that they would be paid GHC 100 daily which was forth coming.


The officer said after some time, another notice from the service announced a change in the amount which was supposed to take effect from 22 March, 2021.

“When we were going for the operation, they promised to give us 100 cedis. We were enjoying our money only for it to be later communicated that with effect of 22nd March, they will be giving us 50 cedis, which means the monies will be backdated,” she said.

Asked if the notice was written to them, the officer said it was just a verbal communication with no explanation, a situation the officer described as unfair.

She said per their checks, the national security has already disbursed their monies which is 100 per individual.

She said those that have been deployed are more than 500 personnel from different regions and so wondered why the service will treat them that way.

She said they cannot speak but obey, else they will be withdrawn.