Ayisha Modi

Stonebwoy’s aide Ayisha Modi has sent out a word of caution to dancehall musician Samini, asking him to resist any attempt to attack her favorite artiste.

Samini and Stonebwoy had a banter on social media, shortly after Burna Boy and Wizkid’s Grammy win inundated social media.

According to Samini, Stonebwoy’s congratulatory tweet to the Nigerians prove he is fake, advising him to refrain from disrespecting colleague musicians like himself.


But, Ayisha didn’t take the tweet kindly.

She explained that since respect was reciprocal, Samini should be weary of his ways in recent times.

It’s only in Ghana music, that we do this Godfather/Godson, dada, Mama, Uncle, and all that nonsense…. lil Wayne brought Niki Minaj and Drake on, but he doesn’t go around envying them. Samini, learn sense onu?

Leave my 1GAD ALONE. Biko it’s a new year and everyone body make hot 🥵. If you want leave 1GAD and face Bhimnatives cos you and I know @stonebwoyb won’t go too deep with u

But we Bhimnatives diaaaa we won’t spare 😂😂😂😂. Lemme go back to bed I will be back. Mr man don’t wake me up again cos my 2nd coming will be dangerous. No one should look for 1GAD’s trouble

Respect is reciprocal. 1Gad said nothing wrong for you to attack him this way. Masa if u want to hit back do the right thing and leave 1GAD ALONE COS WE BHIMNATIVES Won’t spare you 1bit.

1GAD is busy pushing his projects Biko leave him alone.

Ayisha Modi