Members of the Coalition of Unposted Veterinary Technicians are picketing the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) today over the government’s failure to give them financial clearance to begin work.
Spokesperson for the group, Daniel Amoako told Adom News most of the about 500 students had not been posted several months after completing their programme.
He said all efforts to get the government to post them have proved futile, hence the picketing.
“If the government can’t employ us then they should close down the schools. Without that it means they are not helping the students. How can you churn out this huge number of students and not post them to their locations to work. Do they [officials] really know the impact of veterinary services on the country?
“We are picketing because the government has not given us our financial clearance, we will continue till they attend to our demands. We are aware that this problem started with the past government but the new government is in place and so we want them to do the right thing for us,” he said.
Listen to the angry nurses