Apple’s Independent Repair Provider program expands globally
Apple’s Independent Repair Provider program expands globally

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider programme will soon be available in more than 200 countries, nearly every country where Apple products are sold.

Launched originally in 2019 and expanded to Europe and Canada last year, the programme enables repair providers of all sizes access to genuine Apple parts, tools, repair manuals, and diagnostics to offer safe and reliable repairs for Apple products.

There are now more than 1,500 Independent Repair Provider locations serving customers across the United States, Canada and Europe.“

“Being a part of the Independent Repair Provider programme has been a huge benefit to my business, employees, and customers,” said Scott Baker, owner of Mister Mac in Wimberley, Texas.

“Since joining, we’ve received great support from Apple, and we’re able to deliver that same level of service to our customers. It has even brought genuine excitement to our town.

“The Independent Repair Provider programme has been a very positive experience for us and for our customers,” said Nils Weber, project manager for Pro Repair GmbH in Germany.

“During COVID-19, reliable access to parts has allowed us to adapt our business to accommodate the sudden high demand for mail-in repairs from our customers.”

All participating repair providers in the programme have access to free training from Apple and the same genuine parts, tools, repair manuals, and diagnostics as Apple Authorised Service Providers (AASPs) and Apple Store locations.


Who can apply?

Companies interested in performing out-of-warranty iPhone or Mac repairs directly to end users may apply.

Apple will not consider applicants that use Apple trademark terms as part of any company name or web pages unless such use complies with the Apple Trademark Terms.

Parts resellers and distributors are not eligible for this programme. Authorised Apple Resellers are not eligible for this program but may apply to the Apple Authorized Service Provider programme.

What are the requirements?
Business and operational requirements

Companies applying are required to be an established business, with business verification documents available for review by Apple. Apple’s repair tools, training, service guides, and diagnostics must be kept confidential.


Eligible companies must maintain a commercial walk-in service location in an easily accessible location. A residential address is not acceptable as a service location.

Technician Certification

Participating service companies using Apple genuine parts are required to have Apple-certified technicians to perform the repairs.

Becoming certified to repair Apple products requires passing exam through an online Authorized Testing Center. Certifications are updated on a per-product basis annually. The certification exam fees are waived for businesses that have been approved to be an Independent Repair Provider.