Former President John Mahama (L) and Martin Amidu

Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, has, after publishing his findings in the controversial Agyapa Royalties agreement which included the Airbus probe, responded to former President John Mahama.

Mr Mahama, addressing the report, described the inclusion of the Airbus scandal, which named him as Government Official 1, as stupid, and challenged to be accused directly.

In a latest press release, Mr Amidu explained he found it necessary to make observations on the matter to demonstrate the essence of anti-corruption assessment.

Per the information gathered, he reiterated the evidence points to only one person, and none other than Mr Mahama as the elected Government Official 1.

Concerning the guarantor, Samuel Adam Mahama, who posed as project manager, Mr Amidu accused Mr Mahama of giving a nod, despite knowing his brother had not completed University of Ghana as stated in the passport application document.

To the Special Prosecutor, making the findings known had nothing to do with cowardice and stupidity as ‘blurted’ out by the former president.


Also, as said in the last paragraph of the report, Mr Amidu is throwing the ball back to Mr Mahama to voluntarily come forward to be cautioned and interrogated to clear his name.

Mr Amidu went on to declare that he has no friend or brother when it comes to crusade against preventing and fighting corruption, and the case against Mr Mahama is no exception.

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