“Are you dating?”

The above is a simple and common question that celebrities face in their daily lives but it’s the kind of question that gets on the nerves of dancer and artiste, Mr Drew.

The artiste disclosed his hatred for the question in an interview on Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra.

Mr Drew who was in the studio for a celebrity interview segment bared it all out when host Sister Sandy asked him some pressing personal questions.

Questions ranging from his craft, relationship to personal hygiene, were thee kinds Mr Drew had to answer in one minute.

Below is the conversation Mr Drew had with Sister Sandy:

Sister Sandy: At what age did you start dancing?
Mr Drew: Five years old.

Sister Sandy: What is your blood type; is it A, B, AB or O?
Mr Drew: I think it’s a combination of all four.

Sister Sandy: Question you hate to be asked.
Mr Drew: Are you dating? Do you have a girlfriend? Things in that line.

Sister Sandy: What cheers you up?
Mr Drew: Performing for my fans who are cheering me up. Their facial expressions make me wanna do more.

Sister Sandy: Who is your ideal musician for a collaboration?
Mr Drew: Chris Brown.

Sister Sandy: Body part you would rather do away with?
Mr Drew: One of my ears, because I would still be able to sing

Sister Sandy: What is the longest days you haven’t taken a bath?
Mr Drew: Two days.

Sister Sandy: What is a funny myth you believed?
Mr Drew: It’s from my manager, he made me believe his car’s small screen was a touch sensor and I believed him. It was until he pulled a brake which caused his phone to fall down that I realized I had been played.

Sister Sandy: Have you ever cheated on your partner?
Mr Drew: Never!

Sister Sandy: What is the last thing you searched on google?
Mr Drew: Checked the ratings of Mood (his latest single)