Abigail Rawlings claims she is first daughter of late president Rawlings
Abigail Rawlings claims she is first daughter of late president Rawlings

During the funeral of late Ghanaian former President, Jerry John Rawlings, a woman popped up and claimed to be the first daughter of the former President.

The woman, who identified herself as Abigail Mawutor Rawlings, claimed that she had on several occasions attempted to get close to her late father but failed in all her attempts and one of such attempts brought her into contact with veteran actress, Grace Omaboe.

However, reacting to news of being Madam Mawutor’s alibi, the veteran actress, in a recent interview with Accra based Kingdom FM, outrightly denied ever coming into contact with the said alleged daughter of Mr Rawlings.


But Madam Mawutor, who is insistent on having come into contact with madam Omaboe in her quest to reach out to her father, has challenged the actress to face her.

Speaking in an interview with Oman Channel, she further threw a challenge to the veteran actress to allow a spiritualist help ascertain the truth should she insist on her position.

“The day I went to her house there was a mentally ill man chained in the house. I am very sure she will remember. I was with three children. She will definitely recollect this. It was about 17 to 18 years ago. After speaking with her she gave me money to travel to Togo.

“I want to sit down with her in the presence of a very strong spiritualist so we sort the issue of her saying I am peddling falsehood. She is an elderly woman and I can’t deliberately damage her reputation and neither can I allow her to do same to mine. I am very pained,” she stated.

“My children abroad called me as well as others in the country to ask what was going on but the truth is I don’t know the woman neither do I remember any encounter as she claims,” the veteran actress stated in her reaction to the claim.

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