Atopa Festival dance

As today marks the Gomoa Fetteh Atopa Dance Festival, some men of Gomoa Fetteh say they are ready to match the women boot-for-boot since they have prepared their waist with sea water and ginger.

The Akosolontaba Dance is a dance introduced by Nananom of Gomoa Fetteh.

In an interview with Adom News, some men, who were ready for the dance, said they were very ready for the dance and promised to swing their waist till night.

Meanwhile, some of the women also said the dance is sweet and it releases stress.

The Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Kwesi Quansah, said Nananom are also ready for the dance and called on visitors to prepare their waist before coming.

A former Member of Parliament for Gomoa East, Kojo Asemanyi, said the dance is a colourful culture and, therefore, entreated all Ghanaians to come and witness it.