President Akufo-Addo has urged journalists and media houses to take a proactive role in educating the public about environmental sustainability.

Speaking at the 3rd African Media Convention at the Accra International Conference Centre the President emphasized the pivotal role of the media in shaping public discourse and fostering a culture of sustainability through compelling storytelling.

“The media holds an unparalleled power to influence public opinion and bring critical issues to the forefront.

“In the face of mounting environmental challenges, our journalists and media practitioners must take a leading role in educating our citizens about sustainability and environmental stewardship,” he said.

The President highlighted several key areas where media intervention could be particularly impactful.

These include raising awareness about the consequences of deforestation, pollution, and climate change, as well as promoting sustainable practices among individuals and businesses.

“Through engaging and informative content, the media can highlight the importance of preserving our natural resources and inspire action across all sectors of society,” he stressed, adding that “By telling the stories of those affected by environmental degradation and those who are making positive changes, we can galvanize support for sustainable initiatives and policies.”

President Akufo-Addo also called for collaborative efforts between the government, media, and civil society organizations to create comprehensive educational campaigns.

He underscored the need for accurate and science-based reporting to ensure the public receives reliable information.

“Inaccurate reporting and misinformation can undermine our efforts to address environmental issues effectively,” he warned.

“It is crucial that our media outlets prioritize accuracy and integrity in their reporting on these critical issues.”

The President’s call comes at a time when Ghana, like many other nations, is grappling with significant environmental challenges. Rapid urbanization, illegal mining activities, and plastic pollution are among the pressing issues that threaten the country’s environmental health.

Environmental advocates and media experts have welcomed the President’s remarks, recognizing the media’s crucial role in driving societal change.

“The media is a powerful tool for advocacy and education. By focusing on environmental sustainability, we can inform and inspire our audience to take meaningful actions that contribute to a greener future,” said Kwesi Yankah, a prominent environmental journalist.

The Africa Media Convention (AMC) is an annual conference organized to reflect on the fundamental role of journalism on the continent, celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom, and deliberate on measures to safeguard media freedoms.