akrobeto and son
Akrobeto and son

The first son of Kumawood actor, Akrobeto, Richard Kwaku Kyere Boadi, has spoken for the first time about his family.

The fine-looking young man said he never met his biological mother until five years ago, that is 2016.

He made this revelation in an exclusive interview with Zion Felix, where the blogger is currently on a vacation.

Narrating how this happened, he said he was taken from his mother at the early age of two to his grandmother.

This was because his mother was young at the time the mother gave birth to him and so the grandmother, who was a rich woman at that time, wanted her daughter to continue with her education.


It is expected that the woman, after school, would go back for her child but that did not happen in the case of Akrobeto’s son.

He disclosed that the mother was scared of coming to take him back because the father threatened that if she did, he would not pay attention to the boy any longer.

To him, Akrobeto was very satisfied with the grandmother looking after him and did not want him to be taken away from there.

Therefore, the mother, not wanting to toy with the welfare of the son, allowed him to stay with his grandmother.

Reuniting with mother

In 2016, he said his father gave him the green light to go look for his mother. He recounted that Akrobeto had gone to work at Kasoa when a young lady walked up to him and said: “My mother said we have a big brother and that you are his father.”

According to him, that was when it dawned on Akrobeto that his first baby mama had had other children who are big.

Therefore, in order to avert any sort of confusion in the future, he decided to let the boy go look for his mother. “It took me like one and half hours to find my mother.

“The name I was mentioning was not familiar and so people did not know she was the one I was looking for, “ he said about the moment he went looking for his mother.

Akrobeto’s son also revealed that his father has three sons, adding hilariously that he is not aware if his father has other sons elsewhere that he does not know about.

In his interview, it could be easily detected that he speaks just like his father and has his sense of humour. Throughout, he was full of praise for Akrobeto, describing him as a very responsible man.

He also thanked his stepmother, Maa Gina, through whom he got the opportunity to relocate to Brazil, where he lives now with his wife and kid.