Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri

The social media is buzzing with speculation following Ahuofe Patri’s reaction to the announcement of Kalybos’ upcoming wedding.

Kalybos recently shared a pre-wedding video, revealing his imminent nuptials with the hashtag #MariRich 11:11.

Ahuofe Patri, who is known for her close friendship with Kalybos, reposted the pre-wedding videos on her social media platform, in support of her friend’s union.

Her caption, “The Lord has done it #MariRich 11:11,” accompanied by a love emoji, has ignited curiosity and raised eyebrows among her fans.

Her reaction has stirred comments on the exact relationship she had with Kalybos, as they were rumored to be dating.

In a previous interview, Ahuofe Patri openly expressed her fondness for Kalybos, stating that she likes him “very much” and would gladly choose him to survive an apocalypse with.

She revealed they are “very close” and they “hang out” all the time. As a matter of fact, the iPhone 14 she currently uses was bought by Kalybos as her birthday gift.

While some social media users commend Ahuofe Patri for her maturity in congratulating her friend on the impending wedding, others remain skeptical, arguing that the announcement is just one of the usual gimmicks to create buzz for an incoming project.