Popular Kumawood actor, Kofi Adu, famed Agya Koo, has disassociated himself from reports on advice to Ghanaian parents regarding where to raise their kids if they have the financial means.

While throwing his opinion into the mix on how parents can fully protect their kids based on the recent spate of killings that have engulfed some parts of the country recently, Agya Koo was quoted to have allegedly urged parents to take their children to America.

The veteran actor is said to have said this on Friday, September 3, during a radio discussion on Kumasi-based radio station, Agyenkwa FM.

“Currently, most parents in this country are not comfortable even when their kids go out to play because they fear something might happen to their children. For me, if you are a parent and you have what it takes, send your children to America or other safer countries. The killing and kidnapping are too much in this country,” he is quoted as saying.

However, the actor in a Facebook video has denied the reports.

According to him, he has never used those words nor made such comments anywhere.

In his view, Ghanaians in the diaspora are eager to return, hence has no reason to advise people to run there.


He described the media reports as attempts to mar his hard-earned reputation and credibility as someone known to be a supporter of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Agya Koo stressed he will never say anything, especially to make the NPP government unpopular and for his credibility’s sake.