The Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) has denied publications that it has entered into an agreement with a third party for the importation of large quantities of pork from the United States.

The Ministry in a statement explained that the Veterinary Services Directorate (VSD) of the ministry rather requested from veterinary medical officers in the USA for certification for meat and poultry healthiness intended to be exported to Ghana.

“MoFA categorically denies the validity of the allegation as it has not signed any such agreement with any party. For clarity, the Veterinary Services Directorate (VSD) of MoFA has on record, a request from Dr Charmaine McJee, Veterinary Medical Officer, Export Development of FSISUSDA, Washington for Certification for Meat and Poultry Wholesomeness intended to be exported to Ghana which was granted following laboratory analysis of samples”,  the statement said.

The statement added that it is an obligation of VSD to render the requested services professionally in accordance with ethics of the Organization of World Animal Health for which Ghana is a Member.


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“Rather, unfortunately, the VSD legal mandate has been misconstrued. We, therefore, take this opportunity to assure the general public that, no agreement has been signed between the Ministry and any party for the unbridled importation of pork to flood the Ghanaian market”.

MoFA assured that it will never undermine the efforts and narrow market opportunities of the Ghanaian pig farmer.