Afua Asantewaa

Afua Asantewaa, the Ghanaian lady who is attempting to break the Guinness World Record of the longest singing marathon has revealed some dos and don’ts she and the audience at the event would have to abide by.

Speaking on Prime Morning on Joy Prime, she noted that although many of the rules the Guinness World Record (GWR) provides are not set in stone, straying too far away from it might affect her attempt.

Miss Asantewaa said that among other things she is required to film all the practice and preparations she is making including interviews and add to the actual attempt video as part of the evidence.

For the attempt itself, the young lady says she is allowed to sit, stand and lie down as long as she is singing, it does not matter.

Unlike music shows, Miss Asantewaa said that she cannot jam to the songs like musicians do, she cannot hum the songs and there will be no drumming either. She can also talk in between songs.

She explained that she would be singing as if it were a karaoke session.

Additionally, Miss Asantewaa said that she is allowed a five-minute break every hour or a 20-minute break every four hours.

She noted that she can take more break time, however she may have to justify why did that, stating that the GWR recommended breaks to ensure there is a smooth flow and little distraction.

She added that for everything she does in between, there will be a log to trace her activities.

Miss Asantewaa stated that she does not have a plan to sleep for the nearly five-day event – saying that she is afraid to oversleep or sleep too little and get a headache.

For the audience, Miss Asantewaa noted that they have to be on their best behaviour to not disrupt the process.

She explained that the audience can wave, dance and clap, However, they cannot sing too loudly. She noted that GWR only wants to hear her voice and thus singing too loudly might affect the audio which will take away from the hours she has put in.

Miss Asantewaa stated that people should not be quick to jubilate especially since this is an attempt.

“Let’s take it as a normal day activity,” she said, adding that when the record is broken people can then celebrate.

Miss Asantewaa is expected to break the longest singing marathon by an individual which lasted 105 hours.

She is expected to beat the record in a nearly five-day event taking place from 24th -to 27th December 2023.

During the event, scheduled to last 117 hours, Miss Aduonum plans to exclusively sing Ghanaian songs, spanning genres such as gospel, highlife, and hiplife.