Kwame Yogot on Ahosepe Xtra

It is no longer debatable that every refined Ghanaian rapper has passed through the studios of Adom FM during their budding days for some grooming.

This is exactly the case of fast-rising Ghanaian rapper, Kwame Yogot, who has publicly eulogized the platform for making him ‘hardcore’ and putting him a step ahead of his peers.

Gracing the studios of Adom TV as a guest on the weekly entertainment programme, Ahosepe Xtra with Sister Sandy, Kwame Yogot said he owes his lyrical muscles to Adom FM‘s Kasahare.

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Kwame Yogot on Ahosepe Xtra

Kasahare is a decades-old programme that seeks to discover hidden rap talents and groom them, in a form of battle, as they are ushered into the mainstream industry.

Kwame Yogot had his fair share in 2008 when the programme was hosted by Dr Duncan.

This, he said has equipped him with the needed rap skills to ‘murder’ his peers in any rap battle that presents itself, irrespective of the artiste involved.

“I am ever ready for a battle, I’ve been doing it since childhood; It’s more like a hobby. I can defeat anybody who challenges me because I am a product of Adom FM. Have you encountered any Adom Kasahare boy who slacks in the industry before,” he bragged.

He even teased that International award-winning rapper, Jay Z will be no match for him when they meet for a lyrical battle.

The Bibi Besi hitmaker added that he is always on his toes as he has been taught that subliminal shots and attack is the root of rap.

He made the assertion while speaking on how to penetrate the Ghanaian market as a rapper.