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Abraham Gbodzi is an 86-year-old who has been working as a sewing machine repairer for 63 years, and he shares some secrets about what has kept him strong all these years.

In an interview on SVTV Africa, Mr Gbodzi revealed that laziness is unhealthy and causes weakness in the body. He also advised the youth to reduce junk foods.

“You need to walk daily; it is great exercise. Also, reduce spices because they are unhealthy. You need to respect others just as you respect yourself.

“A child will only respect you if you respect him.Don’t be greedy for money. Work hard and make money in the right way,” he said.

Moreover, Mr Gbodzi mentioned that the youth do not live long because of their greed for money. According to him, many want to get rich in the fastest way without hard work.

“Be careful of that, and you will live long. Also, check how you manage your finances and avoid gold diggers. They will pretend to love you, but it is your money that they want.

“We have changed the world. What God created is still the same, but it is the people in it who have changed the ways things were.”

Speaking about his work, Mr Gbodzi mentioned that his children encouraged him to quit working, but he feels bored and lonely at home.