lady allegedly killed by her boyfriend in Cape Coast Lamisi
Lady allegedly killed by her boyfriend in Cape Coast

Lamisi Awuni passed away in what could be described as a love affair gone wrong after her lover allegedly stabbed her to death.

As previously reported, Miss Awuni’s boyfriend, Emmanuel Kwakye, who is also deceased now, allegedly killed her after she attempted to dump him.

The report indicated that Mr Kwakye and Miss Awuni had dated for over three years with the former supporting the latter through her tertiary education.

But after completing school, Miss Awuni is said to have decided to call it quits with Mr Kwakye who got incensed by her decision.

After trying in vain to persuade Miss Awuni from leaving him, Mr Kwakye reportedly stabbed her under her breast and left her to die in his room.


Miss Awuni was found dead in Mr Kwakye’s room by a friend who visited the house after he had tried in vain to reach the late Kwakye on phone.

The friend went straight to the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Police Station to report after which Miss Awuni’s body was retrieved from the room.

It was upon examination that she was discovered to have been stabbed.

Follwoing the news of her death and the bizarre circumstances surrounding it, we came up with some photos and personal details.

While she was known on social media as Lamisi Awuni, the deceased’s official name as carried in the many news reports was Georgina Sayel.

Though she lived in Cape Coast, her social media profiles indicated she comes from Blogatanga in the Upper East region.

She attended secondary school at the University Practice Senior High School at UCC which she completed in 2013

She had her tertiary education at the Ola College of Education in Cape Coast from 2016-2019. It was during her time at Ola that Mr Kwakye is reported to have supported her education.

Just like all Colleges of Education graduates, Miss Awuni was set to become a teacher after her mandatory national service.

Meanwhile, her killer has reportedly taken his life after the incident.

Check out some beautiful photos of Lamisi Awuni: