Dr Ibrahim Anyars

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), Dr Ibrahim Anyars, has stated emphatically that the programme is a timely intervention that has rescued over 100,000 unemployed graduates and Ghanaian youth as a whole.

According to him, NABCO has been the panacea so far in addressing the age-long issue of graduate joblessness.

Dr Ibrahim Anyars and Kojo Oppong-Nkrumah, Information Minister

Dr Anyars made this known in a statement issued on Thursday. He has, therefore, charged the main opposition National Democractic Congress (NDC) to find a better alternative because the legalisation of ‘Okada’ cannot beat a major problem-solving programme like NABCO.

Dr Anyars made it clear that as the CEO of NABCO he is led by President Nana Akufo-Addo’s clear vision for the youth of Ghana in ensuring a better future.


“NABCO has positioned our youth and created better opportunities for them. The unemployed graduate that had no work experience in 2016, can now boast of three years working experience.

“Most of our trainees learnt on the job, built their experience and applied their skills in their workplaces. Many, who could not go out and socialise because they had no answer to the question; where do you work?…,can now boldly step out because they have an identity. The smile on the faces of our youth at the end of the month when stipends are paid is priceless. NABCO has given our youth financial stability and security,” he recounted some of his achievements.

He said a number of trainees have been placed in the various institutions, both private and public sectors to contribute to nation building; the very inspiration for the mantra: “We are nation builders.”

Dr Anyars expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the President of the Republic for his thoughtfulness that has resourced graduates to change the fortunes of the country.

“I have read and heard from one of our former presidents, his plight to replace NABCO with an unsustainable and risky initiative.

“The hard work and dedication of our trainees have not only made us proud to have solved graduate unemployment but also, we feel gratified to have been able to improve public service delivery, improve skills and employability among others,” Dr Anyars added.