Here are five reasons why you cannot sleep at night:

Our bodies are programmed to sleep at night based on a complex process known as the circadian rhythm.

But we might find our eyes wide open at night staring into space, unable to sleep.

Here is why:

Anxious thoughts can interfere with your sleep and prevent you from having a good night’s rest.

Even if you finally sleep, you might not find it restful. Letting go of your anxious thoughts and worries is a prerequisite to sleeping well.

The way you lay your bed is how you will lie on it. You are more likely to sleep when the bed is laid, the blinds or curtains are drawn, the lights are off, and the room temperature is conducive.

Drinking caffeinated beverages or drinks with a lot of sugar will disrupt your sleep because your body will convert it to energy.

Eating late is not a good idea too because you might also stay awake because of indigestion.

Your television is on, you are watching an addictive series on Netflix, scrolling through social media or chatting with friends.

There is no way you would feel like sleeping or sleeping on time.

Sometimes, it is a more serious problem, it could be sleep apnea or insomnia and in this case, you have to see a doctor.