The 2021 Population and Housing Census (PHC) which began Sunday, is expected to end on July 11 with an extra five-day extension period for mop-up activities.

Ghana has successfully conducted five population censuses since independence. Two of these censuses comprised both a Population and Housing Census. The 2021 PHC is therefore the country’s third Population and Housing Census.

Counting of College students

  • A college student living in a dormitory or apartment owned by their college will be counted at their college through the Group Quarters Enumeration.
  • A college student living at home will be counted on their parents’ census form.
  • A college student living off-campus, but not at their parents’ home, will receive an invitation to complete the census at their residence.

People living in other Institutions and group settings

  • People living in group homes, nursing homes, prisons, military bases, or other institutions will be counted at their institution through the Group Quarters Enumeration

Homeless People

  • People who are homeless will be counted through a special process described in the “Counting the Homeless” fact sheet

What is Group Quarters Enumeration?

  • People living in group quarters do not complete census forms; rather the administrators of a facility submit census forms for the facility.
  • These forms do not enumerate individuals living in a facility, but rather aggregate counts of residents, including key demographics.
  • Data is collected through an in-person interview with an enumerator or through a paper form or any other appropriate means.