Rev Gabriel Ansah,
Rev. Gabriel Ansah

Having worked with The Multimedia Group for 20 years, Rev. Gabriel Ansah, the first presenter on Adom FM, sharing his experience, said working with the station has opened great doors for him.

In an interaction with as Multimedia celebrates its workers as part of the 25th anniversary, Rev. Ansah recounted how his father took his own life when he was only 13.

This notwithstanding, he worked hard to join the Multimedia Group. He said he was once rewarded by the Ukrainian government together with late President John Evans Atta Mills, late Kofi Annan, Dr Mensa Otabil and the Asantehene for his immense contribution to humanity.

Rev Gabriel Ansah,
Rev. Gabriel Ansah


Without taking his words out of his mouth, sit back and enjoy our interactive moment with the man of God:

Question: Tell us about your yourself (childhood experiences and all)

Answer: Well my name is Rev Gabriel Ansah, the first presenter on ADOM FM who prayed to dedicate the Station. I was the first presenter after I was attached to JOY FM as a Christian presenter.

I am a native of AYEDUASE (KNUST) from the Royal Palace. At age 13 my father committed suicide by shooting himself on a Sunday when I was in church learning catechism. I was the first to see him dead in a pool of blood in his room.

It was a week of exams and it affected my education. So I sought solace in Bible reading when I became a house boy staying with aunties and uncles until I relocated to Accra with a late uncle.

Bible studies led me to study and work with Challenge Bookshop as a young evangelist /bookseller.

Rev Gabriel Ansah,
Rev. Gabriel Ansah’s book

I was then sponsored to study at MARANATHA BIBLE COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY after my Secondary/Technical Education.

There I majored in Eschatology (End times Study). That brought me to Multimedia during the Sadam Hussein Gulf war crisis when I was invited by Samuel Attah Mensah (Samens) to share on a WALK WITH JESUS PROGRAMME for eight weeks running.

Question: Who was the most influential person in your life?

I heard Pastor Mensa Otabil preach on JOY FM and I loved to join Multimedia someday.

Most influential person in my life was a great motivational speaker in the US called Norman Vincent.

Question: Was it ever your dream to work with the media and why Multimedia?

I feel very great being with the Multimedia family. It has opened and still opens great doors for me wherever I go. It has been my lifting foundation coming from nowhere.

Rev Gabriel Ansah,
Rev. Gabriel Ansah

I was once rewarded by the Ukrainian government together with late Professor Mills, Kofi Annan, Dr Mensa Otabil and Asantehene for our immense contribution to humanity.

Question:  How was the journey?

The work has been very challenging working all day long and preparing to offer the best on the huge platform but I pray and stick to positive thinking.

Question: Your happiest and saddest moments?

 My happiest moment was when BENJILLO, now Rev. Dr Bonsu, who was jailed for cocaine, told me he listened to me and became a Bible man.

Also, some armed robbers on their way for an operation on Kasoa road called into my programme to surrender their lives to Christ.

Saddest moment was when I was attacked by armed robbers on Tema Motorway on my way to ADOM FM (then in Tema).

They took everything on me and beat me to pulp half way the Motorway in the night, unfortunately, a ‘trotro’ that came to our rescue also broke down on the way.

Question: Did you ever at a time think of quitting? If yes what happened; if no what has been the driving force?

I felt one day to quit, when it was dangerous traveling to and fro Tema on daily basis, but I thought; No, I am a Lionel Messi of Adom FM.

It is the station that lifted me up. Let me stay for the sake of loyalty and gratitude, for which I preach for the sake of others.

Question: How are you able to balance work with family and social life?

My family has come to adjust to my work and they are happy that many people listen to their Daddy as I make great impact and influence through the station.

Rev Gabriel Ansah,
Rev. Gabriel Ansah

Question: Did you ever imagine you will stay this long? How is the feeling like celebrating this number of years with the organisation?

 I feel so great and grateful today. My joy is God keeping me and the station strong till this time. Others left, but I have never envied their move.

Question: Your final words to our readers and listeners