Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has attracted eyes to her social media pages after sharing a throwback photos.

The photos taken of her childhood and teen days captured her innocent-looking as she posed beside some flowers in a place believed to be her home.

It is safe to say from the photos that she was a chubby little girl with considerable height growing up.

Yvonne was photographed donning the famous Christmas gown while rocking her thigh natural hair with some accessories to match.

The photo has since set tongues wagging as it is the exact opposite of her current physique. One may think the slim, long-legged Yvonne has always had a slender physique, but the photo proved otherwise.

Her complexion and beautiful smile, however, remains the same.

The actress shared the photos to make an important case for children as she marks her 37th birthday.

“Birth Day. Look at me please. Take note of me. I am innocent, a child and weak but do not let my innocence fool you. My future lies in God’s hands. Do not try to steal it. I represent all children. Do not provoke me or disrespect me. My future lies not in your hands. Protect my rights , you were once a child. Give me the right education. Do not curse me when i am wrong for I am growing. We learn from our mistakes and it takes time. Love me unconditionally. I will one day grow and will remember everything. ‘I am a child’.”