We tend to hit a mental roadblock from time to time. That is because just like the other organs, the brain needs attention, too.

And the best way to feed it, is to make it sharper. Before you begin your day, try some of these brain-boosting exercises.

These activities are likely to bring your stress levels down, and get you focused and ready for your day at work. Read on.

Morning reading

Reading is believed to stimulate the mind, and in our erratic work schedules, we hardly get the time to sit down and read something. Make reading a habit, especially in the morning. It can be anything: a book, the newspaper, a magazine or an article online. Experts say that it gives a calming start to your day and gets your mind to shift its gears.


Nothing better than some mindfulness to get you relaxed for the day. Since meditation can help with concentration and attention, it takes away your anxiety and helps with depression. It makes you take a step back and be more aware of whatever is going on within and around you. Trust this activity to boost the health of the brain.


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 Find the time to read something in the morning, as reading has a stimulating effect on the brain. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Background music

Let there be some music in the background, as you go about with your day, having your breakfast and getting ready. The music must be gentle, for it is believed that the mellow tunes benefit the productivity levels of the brain. Experts say that listening to classical music, in particular, can enhance a person’s ability to think long term.

Challenging games

Challenge your brain into some logic-based game in the morning. It is believed to promote brain health and improve the neural connections. So, get going with a crossword puzzle, the Sudoku, or even an online game.

Physical exercises

It has been established that being physically active works a great deal in favour of the health of the brain, too. Researches done in the past have shown that exercises alter the brain chemistry and have the same effect as that of taking antidepressants. They also help pump the blood and oxygen to the brain.