Your entire brain is used when you listen to music. It’s one of the few activities that do this.

Music has a way of enlightening the human brain.

Our brains have a negativity bias and will remember negative memories more than good ones. This helps us to better protect ourselves.

Convincing your brain that you slept well scams your brain into thinking it really did.

Learning new things changes your brain and increases your intelligence even if you’re older.

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Your brain does more creative work when you’re tired.

Our brain responds differently to people we know. Our brain usually likes responding to people who have similar tastes and preferences and more to people we already know.

Ambidextrous and left-handed people have a corpus callosum (the part of the brain that bridges the two halves) that is 11% larger than those who are right-handed.

It takes five different parts of your brain for you to understand and laugh at a joke.

You get a song stuck in your head because your brain interprets the song as an unfinished task, especially if you only remember one part.