Police officer, one other shot dead in daylight bullion van robbery
Police officer, one other shot dead in daylight bullion van robbery

A bullion van driver has shared occupational hazards of the job following a robbery attack at James Town which claimed two lives.

Peter Boateng said most of them signed their death warrants when they decided to engage in the life-threatening job.

With a paltry monthly salary of GH¢800.00, he said they mortgage their lives transporting billions of cedis across the country.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show, Dwaso Nsem programme Wednesday, Peter Boateng said they are not given any security training before they are employed.

“Your driver’s license qualifies you to drive the rickety Toyota Hilux truck converted into a bullion van. You become a target when driving in town because of the perception that the van is filled with money,” he bemoaned.

The bullion van driver with over 10 years experience said they have no insurance cover but are motivated with the GH¢100.00 monthly risk allowance and GH¢30.00 mobile phone credit to stay in the job.

Mr Boateng recounted how most of his colleagues escaped armed robbery attacks due to their vigilance and not police protection.

“We don’t have any communication garget in the van to alert people when there is an attack so we are left to our fate and pray for divine safety,” he added.

Mr Boateng said he has decided to quit the life-threatening job for his own safety.