File photo: pit

As someone who has spent months inside a galamsey pit digging for gold to make ends meet, Kojo Owusu has revealed how miners at a point in time resorted to latrines for the minerals.

According to ‘Opooman’, as he is popularly known in the Obuasi enclave and the galamsey pits, he went with his friends after news of this discovery broke out.

 “There is this latrine at PTP, an abandoned mining site at Obuasi where miners used to hide stolen minerals,” he said.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem’s social segment, ‘Y’asem Nie’, he disclosed the latrines were a great source of wealth, and that compelled rich men at Obuasi to practically ‘fight’ each other to buy shares in the latrines.


“I went to the latrines with my friend who is now in Germany and upon arrival; we couldn’t even get a place to search for the gold because they had been bought by rich men.

“Their boys were at the site drilling the waste to their homes to search for the valuable minerals,” he said amid laughter.

 However, he indicated he moved back to Accra in search of greener pastures because the business was no longer lucrative.