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A former mortuary attendant and General Secretary of the Mortuary Workers Association has shared a harrowing account during his days as a mortician.

Speaking on Adom FM’s morning show dubbed, Y’asem Nie, Richard Kofi Jordan, said he was forced to quit his job as a mortuary attendant due to the harrowing experiences encountered in line of duty.

He narrated an instance where the corpse of a chief caused series of blackouts in the entire mortuary. 

mortuary worker
Mortuary worker


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 “There is a town in the North which I won’t mention, and according to what I was told, the chief had warned his family never to take him to the morgue when he dies. But the family disobeyed his orders and brought his corpse to the morgue. After his corpse had been admitted to the morgue, anytime we tried putting his corpse into the freezer, the lights went off. It happened for about five times until his body was taken back to his house,” he said.

To him, such incidents prove dead bodies have supernatural powers as many people would not want to believe.

“This continued until the family took the body from the morgue, and what happened tells me that indeed some dead bodies have supernatural powers,” he added.