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Woyome celebrates progress at African Court after ICC 'setback'

Embattled businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome is celebrating progress of his suit he filed at the African Court in Tanzania tagainst the government of Ghana on the controversial matter of the Gh¢51.2million, he owes the state.
In a statement, the businessman announced the court in Arusha in Tanzania, which Ghana is a signatory to, has established, the government has a case to answer after it demanded a refund of the cash he received as judgement debt.
Woyome has been arguing, the Supreme Court of Ghana violated his human rights when it ruled that he should refund the Gh¢51.2million which he obtained through legal means.

In relation to the establishment of a prima facie case at the African court, the government of Ghana is now required to appoint its lawyers by Thursday August 8, 2017.

Ghana will also be expected to file the state’s response within 30 days after August 8, 2017.
The determination of a prima facie case comes after a similar petition by Woyome at another international court failed.
Woyome petitioned the International Criminal Court in March 2017 but a ruling on Thursday August 3 suggested the under-pressure businessman did not meet the minimum requirement for arbitration.
Even in this rejection by the ICC, Alfred Agbesi Woyome has argued, the judgement proves his claims of unfair treatment by the government of Ghana.
While some may consider the ICC rejection  a setback for Woyome, he believes the opposite is true.
He explained, the ICC rejected his claim because they agree he was not a party to a 2006 contract between the government and Waterville.
If he is not a party, then why would the state ask him to refund 51.2million he was paid in a judgement debt case in 2009.
He says the money he asked for was not because he had a contract with government, but that he suffered from an abrogation of a 2005 procurement process of CAN 2008.