Kwame A Plus

Musician cum politician, Kwame A Plus, has asked Ghanaians to get ready for many judgement debts after a Kumasi High Court slapped the government with a $15.3 million judgment debt for the unlawful seizure of excavators.

According to A Plus, who earlier vented his spleen against government burning excavators of illegal miners, there are many judgement debts on the way.

He wrote a piece on Facebook below:

Not long ago I shared a video in which I stated that the decision by the government to burn mining equipment is not the brightest bulb in the box and anyone who supports that action has either lost grey matter or are simply ding-bats, ignorant about judicial remedies, educated fools or misinformed individuals.

Now, read the attached document. A Kumasi High Court has ruled that the Government of Ghana has to pay over 15 million dollars (about 90 million Ghana Cedis) judgement debt for confiscating and not being able to account for mining equipment belonging to Heritage Imperial Limited.


According to the High Court judge, the invasion of the mining site was unlawful. The sad part is that the government failed to appeal the court’s decision.

In my opinion, there are two reasons why the Attorney General failed to appeal:

1. The state did not have a case.

2. The whole Galamsey fight is a grand scheme by the state to “create loot and share.”

If we are to pay 15 million for not being able to account for confiscated equipment, how much are we going to pay for destroying equipment belonging to Madam Kate Gyamfua and many other companies who had permits from state institutions to mine legally?

Kwame A plus

Get ready for many judgment debts soon. Are you not amazed that a president, who is a lawyer, supported and stated at no other place than the sod cutting of the law village that he supports such illegality when he knew very well that the state will pay?

Why hasn’t anyone been arrested for missing confiscated equipment when Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has mentioned the names of officials involved in this criminal act.

If Akufo-Addo is not confused and inconsistent, then he is in the business of creating loot and share! He is at liberty to choose any of the two aforesaid.