File photo : A baby

A mother in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya, is in pain after her baby was snatched from her arms by a woman who was on a motorbike.

Kanik Kavetsa claims that a woman, who was on the pillion passenger, snatched her two-week-old baby on Friday, October 15 at the Wareng bus stage in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County.

Speaking to the media, Kavetsa said that she was going to see her mother Agnes Msimbi who resides in Kericho.

“The engine was on and the rider even said hello to me. I did not know what was his intentions,” Kavetsa said.

At the time the woman was waiting for a bus and even had a chat with the ill-intentioned rider. She said she was shocked when she saw the friendly motor rider cooperating with the woman who made away with her baby.

Kavetsa was looking for a vehicle that she would board to Kericho when someone tapped her shoulder from behind before snatching the baby and disappearing.

The suspect, who was donned in black apparel, snatched her two-week-old baby from her arms and dashed to the waiting motor rider.


“When I turned to check who it was, my baby was snatched. The next thing I saw was a woman dressed in a black buibui on the motorbike,” she said.

Kavetsa has since created a missing person’s poster of her son with her phone number, but all n vain.

She says she has been receiving calls from scammers who are out to swindle money from her, claiming that they would assist bring her son back.

Some of the callers also told her that they had seen a baby who resembles her child and, in all cases, it turned out that the minor was not her kid.

She said that some callers from Migori said that they had found her baby inside a hospital in the county located in Nyanza and in a critical state.

“However, when they sent the photos of the child, it was not him,” Kavetsa said, adding that he was still very young and exclusively relied on breast milk.