A 50-year-old man, Charles Sakyi, has been detained by the Ntotroso Police in the Ahafo Region after a woman he was with in a hotel room died suddenly.

The sad incident happened at a guest house (name withheld for investigation purposes) on Sunday and the victim has been identified as Akua Beatrice, 43.

Information available to DAILY GUIDE indicates that a few hours after Beatrice and the suspect had entered the hotel room, she rushed out to the corridor and complained of heartburn and started foaming at the mouth and nose.

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Manager of the guest house Dennis Boateng told police investigators that on Sunday at about 9:40am, the suspect and the victim booked a room and then went inside.

He said at about 11:20am, he heard an unusual room from the room and suddenly Beatrice rushed out to the corridor half-naked and complained of heartache, and he could see foam gushing out of the mouth and nose.

Dennis further told the police that in attempt to look for a vehicle to convey her to the hospital, she passed away at the corridor. Police visited the scene and found Beatrice lying on her left side with a piece of cloth around her waist.

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The body was then conveyed to St Elizabeth Catholic Hospital at Hwidiem for post-mortem investigation analysis.

Meanwhile, police say a search on the body did not reveal any mark to suggest there was a struggle neither did anything incriminating found in the hotel room.

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However, the suspect, Sakyi, according to the police, has been detained to assist police in further investigations.

Source: Daily Guide