An aggrieved wife, Gladys, has exposed her husband who happens to be a church elder for womanising.

Gladys, who said she was hopeful her partner’s insatiable desire for women will end after their marriage, has been left disappointed.

Pleading for counsel on Nhyira FM‘s Obra, the wife, who has been married for six years, said her attention was brought to his deed by concerned neighbours.

Upon inquiry, her husband admitted knowing the said side chicks but defended they have since been demoted and others, he said only contact him for spiritual help.

Gladys said she reported his infidelity to both families and the church, but their response was shocking.

She stated all elders in both cases told her until she catches him red-handed, she has no case, forcing her to compromise in their marriage.


What she said breaks her heart and ignites fury in her is listening to her husband mount the pulpit to preach on the need for fidelity, knowing very well he is guilty of such.

After many attempts to change him softly failed, she has decided to trumpet to potential side chicks the horror that awaits them should they accept his proposal.

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