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Most women will usually coil into their shells when they are sexually exploited but that was not the case as a Nigerian lady has broken that culture of silence by confronting her alleged abuser publicly.

In a video that has since gone viral, the lady who is yet to be identified is seen physically attacking her abuser in public over what could be described as a “kiss-and-tell” situation.

The obviously angry lady threatened to smack the guy’s face with her slippers as he looked on confused.

The guy on the other hand tried defending himself but could not break loose because the lady’s grip was that of a lady who had come prepared to fight.


At the end of it all, however, the lady blamed herself for getting involved with a ‘sexually incompetent’ man who would later recount their exploitation to others.

Onlookers could not help but intervene in the escalating, yet funny, situation

Some social media users who have reacted to the video sang the lady’s praise for her bravery in confronting the guy.

Others were also of the opinion that she just embarrassed herself because the deed had already been done.