Sandra Ankobiah

Ghanaian socialite and lawyer, Sandra Ankobiah, has given reasons why she does not go to court despite her qualification and call to the bar.

Though she has always fancied the law profession, Miss Ankobiah explained she realised the attraction and the reality did not match upon entry.

“I love being a lawyer but after I got called to the BAR, I realised that it wasn’t attractive and I wasn’t enjoying the courtroom as I thought it will be.

“I felt litigation in Ghana was not attractive and our processes were long,” she said in an interview.


She attributed her inability to enjoy the courtroom experience to media activities which take most of her time.

“I did not really get much of the courtroom experience because I used to host a show on TV3 from 6 to 10 am which took most of the time for the courtroom sessions,” she added.

However, she was of the view that she could still undertake her feminism advocacy out of court.

“We can all do pretty much in our own small corners without necessarily going to the court to fight for the right of women as a feminist,” she stressed.