Police at Tapa Abotoase in the Biakoye District of the Oti Region on Saturday buried a 56-year-old man after failed attempts to locate his family.

It would be recalled that Akune Kofi Videka died mysteriously in front of Gbemumu Fitting Shop six weeks ago and was discovered by the mechanic the next day.

A voter identity card, a mental hospital form and other identifications were found in the trouser pockets upon search which indicated that the registration of the card was done in the Nkwanta North of the Oti Region.

Officer in charge of Abotoase Police Station, Inspector Alfred, said after media announcements and all efforts to identify relatives of the deceased, nothing was heard of them.

He said the police had no option than to bury the man as pressure from the preservation centre in the Worawora Government Hospital was becoming unbearable.

He was buried without a coffin at a community cemetery.