okada riders
okada riders

The Okada Riders Association in Ghana has said it is hopeful its trade will be legalised very soon.

The President of the Association, Mohammed Tijani, disclosed this on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Friday.

He said they are optimistic because their population has increased and a lot of people are resorting to okada riding instead of cars.

“In Ghana, we are numbering over millions as the business is expanding because now a lot of people are venturing into the business and we have become many on roads and so we are hopeful a time will come, they will legalise our business because that will be the only fastest means in the country,” he said.

Aside being hopeful that one day their business will be legalised, Mr Tijani urged the government to give them a unique number plate that differentiates private riders from fare-carrying riders so that persons who commit crimes can be easily tracked.

okada riders
Okada riders

Okada riders, he noted, should be given uniforms of diverse colours based on the station one works from.

He believes that with these features in place coupled with effective enforcement of the laws, people would be cautious not to use ‘okada’ to commit crime.

He further argued that the venture is the only source of livelihood for them and their families.