Gospel musician Diana Hamilton says it took her two years to pen down and record her hit single, Mo Ne Yo.

According to her, she is able to get inspirations for songs, but it takes longer duration for her to record because she is a bit of a perfectionist.

In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Diana Hamilton said the ‘Mo Ne Yo’ song took a longer time than she expected due to its arrangement and composition.

“‘Mo Ne Yo’ took me years to write. It took me about two years to write it.  I know where I started and when I went into the studio with it. It’s either I have the message and I don’t want to be in the studio without knowing what to do,” she told Andy Dosty.

She explained that, she can get the melody before she juxtaposes it with the lyrics – “but that could be daunting”, she exclaimed.

“Sometimes I get the melody before the message, and that is even hard. I am struggling with one now. I don’t like that, I like to get the message first before the melody, and it makes sense.

“I worked with Kwame Yeboah, and he told me I have to tell a story and I have to tell it well to resonate with people. I always want the songs to be based on the word of God. It’s a long process,” she explained.