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Why I turned down Sarkodie’s feature request – Joe Mettle


Renowned gospel artist Joe Mettle has addressed his decision to decline a feature request from celebrated Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie and other secular artistes.

Joe Mettle, who has built a successful career in gospel music, explained that collaborating with secular artists could compromise his principles and create expectations for similar collaborations in the future.

He clarified that his decision to turn down Sarkodie’s offer was based on his personal conviction and adherence to his musical direction, rather than any personal issues with the rapper.

He mentioned that he and Sarkodie had a clear and respectful discussion about the potential collaboration, and both parties understood the reasoning behind his decision.

In addition to Sarkodie, Joe Mettle disclosed that he has also declined collaboration requests from other secular artists, including Manifest.

He reiterated that his commitment to gospel music means he must consistently apply the same standards to all collaboration offers from secular artists, regardless of their stature or the potential exposure such collaborations could bring.

Joe Mettle stated that while he values his relationships with these artists and acknowledges their talent, his focus remains on producing music that aligns with his spiritual values.

However, he did not entirely rule out the possibility of future collaborations with secular artists.

He indicated that he might consider such opportunities if he feels a spiritual prompting that aligns with his faith and values.

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